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Consulting Services


Please contact us to learn more about our consulting services:

1 (855) 254-7268

A.J. Grant-Nicholson, principal of Grant-Nicholson Law, has worked with stakeholders from across Ontario to improve legal services for persons with mental health and addiction needs.

A.J. has experience working with health and justice service providers and community-based organizations to develop mental health related justice programming. He has also developed numerous educational programs related to mental health law and conducts presentations for organizations and in academia. 


Grant-Nicholson Law provides consulting services such as strategic advice, opinions and educational programming in the following areas:

  • Mental health law (Mental Health Act and Health Care Consent Act related matters)

  • Subsitute decision making for mentally incapacitated persons

  • Criminal mental health related law

  • Legal supports for older persons

  • The intersection of race and mental health in law

If you are a healthcare facility or agency we can help:

  • Improve compliance with the Mental Health Act and Health Care Consent Act by reviewing practices and procedures

  • Create training programs for staff and management

  • Understand legislative and policy developments related to mental health, substitute decision making and health care consent law

  • Develop policies aimed at improving access to services for equity-seeking communities


If you are a community organization we can help:

  • Design programs aimed at connecting persons with mental health issues to legal services

  • Create training programs for staff or community members about mental health and substitute decision making related law

  • Hold educational presentations tailored to your community

  • Develop funding applications for projects or programs that include a mental health and justice component

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