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Wills & Estates


Please contact us to discuss our estate related services, including drafting your Will and/or Power of Attorney:

1 (855) 254-7268

Grant-Nicholson Law provides estate related legal services including drafting, reviewing and executing Wills and Power of Attorney documents. Currently serving the GTA and Hamilton areas.

A.J. Grant-Nicholson, principal of Grant-Nicholson Law, has worked in the community to provide pro bono Will and Power of Attorney drafting services for seniors and has contributed to the Older Persons and Justice System Navigational Guidebook. A.J. has sat on Toronto’s Estate List User Committee and has spoken at Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario events.



A Will is a document that outlines what you would like to happen to your estate when you die. Your Will enables you to appoint an executor (or executors) who will be responsible for executing the instructions contained in your Will and administering your estate. In your Will you can outline who you wish to be the beneficiaries of your estate, what you want to happen to your possessions, who you propose to be the guardian of your children and your funeral rite wishes. If you die without a Will, provincial law will determine what happens to your estate.

Grant-Nicholson Law provides clients summaries of their will, along with visualizations and graphics of their estate. This helps to ensure our clients understand their Will and how their estate will be distributed.


Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney (POA) is a legal instrument that enables you to select the person who you wish to make either personal care decisions or financial decisions on your behalf. There are two different types of POA in Ontario: Power of Attorney for Property (related to financial decisions) and Power of Attorney for Personal Care.

POA's are powerful tools that should be drafted carefully to help ensure your substitute decision-making wishes are protected. At Grant-Nicholson Law we will take the time necessary to go over your various Power of Attorney options.

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