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Legal Representation


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Grant-Nicholson Law provides health care dispute and mental health legal services in the following areas: 


Consent and Capacity Board (CCB) Representation

  • The CCB is a provincial tribunal that reviews findings of mental incapacity, such as capacity to make treatment decisions and financial decisions. The CCB also reviews involuntary detentions when a person is detained at a psychiatric facility under the Mental Health Act and whether a substitute decision maker is making decisions in accordance with the Health Care Consent Act

  • Grant-Nicholson Law provides representation for all CCB matters, including Form G hearings.

Ontario Review Board (ORB) Representation 

  • The ORB is a tribunal created by the Criminal Code that makes dispositions for patients in the forensic psychiatric system. Persons under the ORB’s jurisdiction have either been found not criminally responsible or unfit to stand trial due to mental illness.

  • Grant-Nicholson Law provides representation for persons with matters at the ORB, including disposition and restriction of liberty hearings.

Criminal Court Representation

  • Grant-Nicholson Law provides representation for criminal matters related to mental health, such as seeking mental health diversion and mental health court and drug treatment court representation. 


Guardianship Matters

  • When a person lacks mental capacity to make personal care or financial decisions for themselves, a loved one/prospective caregiver can apply to a court to be appointed as a guardian. This appointment will enable the guardian to make personal care and/or property related decisions on behalf of the person lacking mental capacity.

  • Grant-Nicholson Law provides assistance and representation for matters related to guardianship appointments, including guardianship applications in Superior Court.

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